1225_Exergy_Its potential and limitations in environmental science and technology

1) Title & Author
Journal: ES&T, 42 (2008), IF: 4.827
Title: Exergy: Its Potential and Limitations in Environmental Science and Technology
Author: Jo Dewulf*, Herman Van Langenhove, Bart Muys, Stijn Bruers, Bhavik R. Bakshi, Geoffrey F. Grubb, D. M. Paulus and Enrico Sciubba (jo.dewulf@ugent.be)

교신저자인 Prof. dr. ir. Jo Dewulf 는 Ghent University(Belgium)의 BioScience engineering의 faculty로 재직중임.

2) Summary of Paper

- Exergy를 다음과 같이 정의될 수 있음: “By definition, the exergy (Ex) of a system or resource is the maximum amount of useful work that can be obtained from this system or resource when it is brought to equilibrium with the surroundings through reversible processes in which the system is allowed to interact only with the environment.”
- Exergy를 ecosystem analysis, industrial system analysis, (thermo)economic analysis, and environmental impact assessment로 구분하고, 기본 개념과 각각의 potential과 limitations에 대해 리뷰하였음.

3) Originality & Creativity

- 해당 논문의 supporting information을 살펴보면 exergy의 history, 그리고 energy와 exergy를 다양한 측면에서 비교한 내용을 확인할 수 있음 (table 1).

4) Contribution to ESEL
Exergy에 대한 개념과 역사, 그리고 참고할만한 supporting information을 함께 제공하여 해당 기술에 대한 전반적인 이해를 도움.

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