1023_Table of unit (for membrane technology field)



Title: Table of units 
Journal: Journal of Membrane Science
Authors: Recommended by Journal of Membrane Science
The original and creativity of paper: The paper present recommended units for key parameters which related to membrane technology.

Table 1 Journal of Membrane Science Recommended Units for Key Parameters


1. (SIU)C* = PU, e.g. [50 kmol m-2 s-1] x 2.24 103 = 1.12 105 cm3 (STP) cm-2 s-1
2. An odd, but common US unit of water volume, 1 acre ft = 3.2587 x 105 gal = 1.2335x103m3 
3. In addition to the above limited number of parameters, fundamental coefficients should be consistent units with above parameters, e.g. solubility values should be reported in units of kmol m-3, diffusivity coefficients should be reported in units of m2 s-1 etc. Consult one of the editors for questions, input and suggestions as we move forward to rationalization of the units with SI standards.

Application & further study: In case that we are preparing manuscript for journal of membrane science, we need to follow their direction. Furthermore, this information can be applied in other purpose as well because these are the standard units.

By Monruedee Moonkhum
Email: moon@gist.ac.kr

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