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    번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
    922 20181128_Thin-film Composite Pressure Retarded Osmosis Membranes for Sustainable Power Generation from Salinity Gradients SunghoChae 2018.12.02 1
    921 20181127_Quantifying the potential of ultra-permeable membranes for water desalination 박찬식 2018.11.27 0
    920 20180929_Text mining tools for extracting information about microbial biodiversity in food sunghoshin 2018.10.03 4
    919 20180928_The paradox of irrigation efficiency BumjoKim 2018.09.28 4
    918 20180927_Prediction of membrane fouling using artificial neural networks for wastewater treated by membrane bioreactor technologies: bottlenecks and possibilities SeungJi_Lim 2018.09.28 6
    917 20180913_Global extent of rivers and streams BumjoKim 2018.09.28 2
    916 20180927_Hydraulic diversity of forests regulates ecosystem resilience during drought file 박찬식 2018.09.27 6
    915 20180917_Thermodynamic limits of extractable energy by pressure retarded osmosis SunghoChae 2018.09.17 3
    914 20180914_Laboratory measurements of remote sensing reflectance of selected phytoplankton species from the Baltic Sea HeewonJeong 2018.09.16 6
    913 20180907_Using a Bayesian hierarchical model to improve Lake Erie cyanobacteria bloom forecasts sunghoshin 2018.09.14 2
    912 20180912_An exergy approach to efficiency evaluation of desalination SeungJi_Lim 2018.09.13 3
    911 20180903_Knowledge discovery from high-frequency stream nitrate concentrations: hydrology and biology contributions BumjoKim 2018.09.11 2
    910 20180910_A simulation study with a new performance index for pressure-retarded osmosis processes hybridized with seawater reverse osmosis and membrane distillation 박찬식 2018.09.10 7
    909 180904_A novel single-parameter approach for forecasting algal blooms HeewonJeong 2018.09.10 6
    908 180824_A novel remote sensing algorithm to quantify phycocyanin in cyanobacterial algal blooms HeewonJeong 2018.09.10 6
    907 20180906_Stressor-response modeling using the 2D water quality model and regression trees to predict chlorophyll-a in a reservoir system SoraShin 2018.09.08 4
    906 20180905_Modelling of osmotic energy from natural salt gradients due to pressure retarded osmosis: Effects of detrimental factors and flow schemes SunghoChae 2018.09.04 1
    905 20180822_Energy recovery and electrode regeneration under different charge/discharge conditions in membrane capacitive deionization SeungJi_Lim 2018.08.23 3
    904 20180820_Delayed influence of dam storage and discharge on the determination of seasonal proliferations of Microcystis aeruginosa and Stephanodiscus hantzschii in a regulated river system of the lower Nakdong River (South Korea) sunghoshin 2018.08.22 3
    903 20180816_Modelling mass transport in hollow fiber membranes used for pressure retarded osmosis SunghoChae 2018.08.21 2
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