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    번호 제목 글쓴이 날짜 조회 수
    935 20190212_: Development of a Nowcasting System Using Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Fecal Contamination Levels at Recreational Beaches in Korea 관리자 2019.02.12 5
    934 20190208_Neural networks for prediction of ultrafiltration transmembrane pressure – application to drinking water production 관리자 2019.02.08 3
    933 20190207_Development of a Nowcasting System Using Machine Learning Approaches to Predict Fecal Contamination Levels at Recreational Beaches in Korea 관리자 2019.02.07 7
    932 20190130_Developing an early-warning system for air quality prediction and assessment of cities in China 관리자 2019.01.30 5
    931 20190130_Evaluating physico-chemical influences on cyanobacterial blooms using hyperspectral images in inland water, Korea 관리자 2019.01.30 2
    930 20190129_Research on ANN-based Pre-warning Water Bloom Model of LiuHai Lake in Beijing 관리자 2019.01.29 4
    929 20190119_: A control methodology for the feed water temperature to optimize SWRO desalination process using genetic programming 관리자 2019.01.19 5
    928 20190118_: Energy saving methodology for the SWRO desalination process: control of operating temperature and pressure 관리자 2019.01.18 3
    927 20190106_Application of hybrid systems techniques for cleaning and replacement of a RO membrane 관리자 2019.01.16 1
    926 20190114_Energy recovery by pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) in SWRO-PRO integrated processes SunghoChae 2019.01.14 11
    925 20190110_Recent Advances in Osmotic Energy Generation via Pressure-Retarded Osmosis(PRO): A Review 관리자 2019.01.10 8
    924 20190109_Simulation of Osmotic Pressure in Concentrated Aqueous Salt Sloutions 관리자 2019.01.09 5
    923 20190108_Osmosis is not driven by water dilution 관리자 2019.01.08 11
    922 20181128_Thin-film Composite Pressure Retarded Osmosis Membranes for Sustainable Power Generation from Salinity Gradients SunghoChae 2018.12.02 15
    921 20181127_Quantifying the potential of ultra-permeable membranes for water desalination 박찬식 2018.11.27 7
    920 20180929_Text mining tools for extracting information about microbial biodiversity in food sunghoshin 2018.10.03 12
    919 20180928_The paradox of irrigation efficiency BumjoKim 2018.09.28 5
    918 20180927_Prediction of membrane fouling using artificial neural networks for wastewater treated by membrane bioreactor technologies: bottlenecks and possibilities SeungJi_Lim 2018.09.28 15
    917 20180913_Global extent of rivers and streams BumjoKim 2018.09.28 5
    916 20180927_Hydraulic diversity of forests regulates ecosystem resilience during drought file 박찬식 2018.09.27 9
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