20180510_An artificial neural network model for rainfall forecasting in Bangkok, Thailand

1. Title, Journal and Authors


- Title : An artificial neural network model for rainfall forecasting in Bangkok, Thailand


- Journal : Hydrology and Earth System Sciences


- Authors : N. Q. Hung, M. S. Babel, S. Weesakul, and N. K. Tripathi


   Affiliation : School of Engineering and Technology, Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand




2. Summary


- This paper suggested a new approach to improve rainfall forecast performance using an artificial neural network (ANN).  


- The study area of this research was Bangkok and the data sets consisted of 4 years of hourly data from 75 rain gauge

  stations and meteorological information at the surrounding stations.


- Different network types were tested with different kinds of input data sets to provide forecasts in a near real time schedule.


- The results of training processes indicated that a feedforward ANN model with hyperbolic tangent function had the best

  training performance for rainfall prediction.


- The results showed that ANN predicted rainfall for Bangkok from 1 to 3 hours ahead with high performance.


- And the sensitivity analysis showed that the most important input parameter besides rainfall itself was the wet bulb temperature.




3. Application to research


- The developed model and approaches can still be used for hydrological management flood management and low impact

  developments (LIDs) for the urban areas.


- The results of sensitivity analysis can be used to determine the dominant model inputs, as the suggested approaches are applied

  to deep learning algorithms.




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