20180427_A review on inorganic membranes for desalination and wastewater

1. Title, Journal and Authors

Title : A review on inorganic membranes for desalination and wastewater

Journal : Desalination 434 (2018)

Authors : P.S Goh*, A.F Ismail*

Advanced Membrane Technology Research Centre, Universiti Teknology Malaysia


2. Summary


This review introduces background, properties and defects of the inorganic membrane such as ceramic membrane and carbon-based membrane. First, this review focuses on the structural properties as well as the common design, fabrication, and modification approaches for various inorganic membranes. Secondly, the performance evaluations of various inorganic membranes in desalination and several important wastewater treatments are elaborated. Aside from the conventionally used case with polymeric membranes, the inorganic membrane can be used to special cases such as high temperature. Generally, the major properties of inorganic membrane are high permeability and selectivity of these membranes. And these advantages induce higher water flux and improved energy saving. But, inorganic membranes had the defects which are high manufacturing cost and difficulties in handling. Now, resulting from the struggling of cost reduction and tunability improvement, inorganic membranes are applied to some desalination processes, membrane distillation and pervaporation, and wastewater treatment processes. Nonetheless, the inorganic membrane still has challenges which are commercial application and reproducibility and feasibility in a large scale synthesis.  



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