0107_Effect of pressure, temperature and membrane resistance on SDI



Title: Silt Density Index and Modified Fouling Index relation, and effect of pressure, temperature and membrane resistance 
Journal: Desalination
Authors: A. Alhadidia, A.J.B Kempermana, B. Blankertb, J.C. Schippersc, M. Wesslinga and W.G.J. van der Meera

Corresponding author: A.J.B Kemperman

a Membrane Technology Group, IMPACT Institute of Mechanics, Processes and Control Twente, Faculty of Science and Technology, University of Twente, PO Box 217, 7500 AE Enschede, The Netherlands
b Norit X-Flow, P.O. Box 741, 7500AS, Enschede, The Netherlands
c UNESCO-IHE Delft, Westvest7, P.O. Box 3015, 2601DA Delft, The Netherlands
The original and creativity of paper: This paper provides the information about effecting parameters of SDI application.
Silt Density Index (SDI) and the Modified Fouling Index (MFI0.45) are commonly applied to characterize fouling potential during membrane filtration process. However, SDI could not explain membrane fouling potential since SDI is not based on filtration mechanism. Therefore, modify fouling index 0.45, which developed on the occurrence of cake filtration, has been introduced. In this paper, a mathematical relation between SDI and MFI0.45 has been developed where cake filtration is assumed to be the dominant filtration mechanism. Moreover, they found that the SDI depends on pressure (higher pressure results into higher the SDI), temperature and membrane resistance (higher membrane resistance results into dramatically lower SDI). Thus, they suggested that SDI should be corrected for those parameters because the effect of those parameters revealed a large extent the unreliable results from the field. 
Contribution: This study provides very useful information about SDI that we should consider when SDI is used.  
By Monruedee Moonkhum
Email: moon@gist.ac.kr

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