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955 Transport and deposition of sediment-associated Escherichia coli in natural streams admin 2018.11.29
954 The effects of biofilm on the transport of stabilized zerovalent iron nanoparticles in saturated... admin 2018.12.26
953 Switchable polarity solvents as draw solutes for forward osmosis admin 2018.12.26
952 Spatial and seasonal patterns of fluorescent organic matter in Lake Kinneret (Sea of Galilee... admin 2018.12.24
951 scale formation and control in high pressure membrane water treatment systems : A review... admin 2019.01.03
950 Salinity-gradient power: Evaluation of pressure-retarded osmosis and reverse electrodialysis... admin 2019.01.03
949 RO-PRO desalination: An integrated low-energy approach to seawater desalination admin 2019.01.03
948 Power generation with pressure retarded osmosis: An experimental and theoretical investigation... admin 2019.01.03
947 Modeling sediment impact on the transport of fecal bacteria admin 2018.11.29
946 Modeling of backwash cleaning methods for RO membranes admin 2019.01.03
944 Daily Review : Evaluation of cyanobacteria cell count detection derived from MERIS imagery... admin 2019.01.03
943 Daily Reveiw : Probabilistic prediction of cyanobacteria abundance in a Korean reservoir... admin 2019.01.03
942 Critical, sustainable and threshold fluxes for membrane filtration with water industry application... admin 2018.12.24
941 806_Water desalination by a designed nanofilter of graphene-charged carbon nanotube admin 2019.01.02
940 2205_Identification and quantification of known polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and pesticides... admin 2019.01.02
939 20200331_Efficient Water Quality Prediction Using Supervised Machine Learning admin 2020.03.31
938 20200325_Development of early-warning protocol for predicting chlorophyll-a concentration using machine learning models in freshwater and estuarine reservoirs, Korea admin 2020.03.25
937 20200317_Microplastics in the marine environment admin 2020.03.17
936 20200313_Emerging investigators series: a critical review of decision support systems for water treatment: making the case for incorporating climate change and climate extremes admin 2020.03.13
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