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752 0430_Urban stream(Hydrology)_Hydrological criteria to assess changes of flow dynamic in urban impacted catchments admin 2018.11.29
751 0501_A live bioprobe for studying diatom-surface interactions admin 2018.12.24
750 0501_Fluorescence as a potential monitoring tool for recycled water systems: a review admin 2018.12.10
749 0501_Microscopy for fouling analysis admin 2018.11.29
748 0501_Seasonal-spatial variation and remote sensing of phytoplankton absorption in Lake... admin 2018.12.26
747 0502_Unsaturated 2D modeling of subsurface water flow in the coarse-grained porous matrix of a green roof, Journal of Hydrology admin 2018.11.29
746 0503_Behaviors of dissolved organic matter in membrane desalination admin 2018.12.10
745 0503_Effcts of Transmembrane Hydraulic Pressure on Performance of FO membrane process... admin 2018.12.26
744 0503_JMS_Kinetic of gypsum crystal growth on a reverse osmosis membrane admin 2018.11.29
743 0504_Atomistic simulation of water and salt transport in the reverse osmosis membrane... admin 2018.12.24
742 0504_JEM_Modelling estuarine eutrophication admin 2018.11.29
741 0504_Multi-objective optimization using evolutionary algorithms for qualitative and quantitative... admin 2018.12.26
740 0505_Desalination_Energy requirements of ammonia-carbon dioxide forward osmosis desalination admin 2018.11.29
739 0506_Assessing Mn, Fe, Cu, Zn, and Cd pollution in bottom sediments of Wadi Al-Arab Dam... admin 2018.12.26
738 0506_Water quality assessment by SVM admin 2018.12.10
737 0507_Computer simulations of water flux and salt permeability of the reverse osmosis FT... admin 2019.01.02
736 0507_Control of a reverse osmosis desalination process at high recovery admin 2018.11.29
735 0507_The role of membrane processes in municipal wastewater reclamation and reuse admin 2018.12.10
734 0508_Application of thin film composite membrane with forward osmosis technology for... admin 2019.01.02
733 0508_Carbon nanotube membranes for desalination and water purification_Challenges... admin 2018.12.26
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