1004_Application of Capacitive Deionization in water desalination: A review



1. Title, Journal and Authors

Title : Application of Capacitive Deionization in water desalination: A review

Journal : Desalination 342 (2014) 3-15

Authors : Faisal A. AlMarzooqi a,*, Amal A. Al Ghaferi a, Irfan Saadat a, Nidal Hilal b

a Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, PO Box 54224, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

b Centre for Water Advanced Technologies and Environmental Research (CWATER), Swansea University, Swansea SA2 8PP, UK


2. Summary


  • Review paper of breakthroughs and research in CDI during 180 years
  • Critical deficiency in CDI à the need of low cost/high efficiency electrodes
  • No comprehensive environmental assessment is done yet for CDI
  • The CDI field lacks long term reliability and operation, pilot scale demonstration


Pros and Cons of CDI

  1. Pros
  2. The lowest energy consumption
  3. The largest energy recovery potential


  1. Cons
  2. High electrode material cost
  3. Low salinity limit
  4. The complexity of the electrosorption process of ions onto the material


Research trend

  1. Development of electrode materials
  2. Novel nanomaterials such as graphene and CNT
  3. Early stage


  1. Pilot scale demonstration
  2. Only a semi-pilot scale demonstration of the MCDI has been performed
  3. No complete pilot scale demonstration has been performed yet
  4. Pilot scale demonstration will provide information about scalability, desalination cost, and salinity limits
  5. And can offer long term studies of important phenomena such as fouling, scaling and electrode and ion exchange membrane degradation.


  1. Comprehensive Environmental assessment
  2. Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)
  3. Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)
  4. have not been performed for neither CDI nor MCDI


  1. Redesign and innovation in the CDI concept
  2. Breakthroughs for solving problems of conventional CDI concents


  • SCDI : Ion Selective Polymer Coated CDI
  • HCDI : Hybrid CDI
  • FCDI : Flow-electrode CDI


Papers related to modeling approach

  • There are 14 papers


  • K.L. Yang et al., 2001, Langmuir

: Electrosorption of Ions from Aqueous Solutions by Carbon Aerogel: An Electrical Double-Layer Model


  • B. G. Jeon and H.C. No, 2012, Desalination

: Development of a two-dimensional coupled-implicit numerical tool for analysis of the CDI operation


  • S. Porada et al., 2013, Progress in Materials Science

: Review on the science and technology of water desalination by capacitive deionization





3. Originality & Creativity 

- Theory, Process modeling, Electrode materials, Pilot system, Energy efficiency, Research trend 등을 상세히 조사

- CDI 기본개념 및 연구동향 숙지에 큰 도움


4. Application to research 

  1. Ion transport phenomena
  2. porous electrode
  3. Membrane
  4. Spacer (Including ion permeable separator)
  5. Understanding ion transport phenomena on CDI device (Based on ERTL experimental specification)


  1. Modeling devices related to CDI type (one-spacer)
  2. CDI
  3. MCDI
  4. SCDI
  5. HCDI
  6. FCDI
  7. Performance comparison and device selection


  1. Process optimization (multi-spacer)
  2. Electrode materials
  3. Reactor design (considering flat type, stacking method)
  4. Operation condition
  5. High performance & low cost operation condition selection


  1. Experiment
  2. Simultaneous operation during each step (A, B and C)


5. Contact

Inhyeok Yim

Mail : yim89@gist.ac.kr

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