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1. Title, Journal and Authors
Title: Membrane fouling control in ultrafiltration technology for drinking water production: A review
Journal: Desalination
Authors: Wei Gao, Heng Liang*, Jun Ma, Mei Han, Zhong-lin Chen, Zheng-shuang Han, Gui-bai Li
  State Key Laboratory of Urban Water Resource and Environment, Harbin Institute of Technology, Harbin 150090, China
  National Engineering Research Center of Urban Water Resources, Harbin 150090, China


2. Summary


In this paper, fouling control in ultrafiltration for drinking water production is reviewed. Membrane fouling is the most biggest problem for operating membrane filtration and its efficiency. Fouling is formed by pore blocking, pore stricting, and cake formation. These fouling can be controled by pretreatments such as coagulation, adsorption, and preoxidation and regulating operational condition. 


3. Application to research

 - The way with non-electricity use & non-chemicals use such as biological treatment may be applied for appropriate technology related to waterborne disease.


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