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59 0612_Carbon dioxide_Renewables_Desalination admin 2018.11.29
58 0611_JMS_Effect of DS concentration and operation condition in FO admin 2018.11.29
57 0610_ Chimica Oggi / Chemistry Today_A Review on membrane crystallization admin 2018.11.29
56 0609_An adaptive Kalman filtering based State of Charge combined estimator for electric vehicle battery pack admin 2018.11.29
55 0607_JMS_Membrane fouling and process performance of forward osmosis admin 2018.11.29
54 0606_water quality modeling admin 2018.11.29
53 0604_Uncertainties in stormwater E. coli levels admin 2018.11.29
52 0602_A preliminary model for predicting heavy metal contaminant loading from an urban catchment, The Science of Total Environment, 266, 2001, 299-307 admin 2018.11.29
51 0603_Effect of solution chemistry on organic fouling admin 2018.11.29
50 0601_Water desalination cost literature: review and assessment admin 2018.11.29
49 0531_Desalination_Modelling of a modified air gap distillation membrane for the desalination of seawater admin 2018.11.29
48 0530_JMS_FO fouling reversibility and cleaning admin 2018.11.29
47 0528-Sources and growth dynamics of fecal indicator bacteria in a coastal wetland system and potential impacts to adjacent waters admin 2018.11.29
46 0529_An Introduction to the Kalman Filter admin 2018.11.29
45 0524_Accuracy and precision of the volume?concentration method for urban stormwater modeling admin 2018.11.29
44 0527_JMS_Characterization of novel forward osmosis hollow fiber membranes admin 2018.11.29
43 0526_Parameter estimation by a hybrid genetic-instance based learning algorithm admin 2018.11.29
42 0525_Effect of colloids on salt transport in crossflow nanofiltration admin 2018.11.29
41 0521_Desalination Economic Evaluation Program admin 2018.11.29
40 0523_Fouling behavior and foulant characteristics of reverse osmosis membranes for treated secondary effluent reclamation admin 2018.11.29