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840 1012_A New Methodology for Determining Dispersion Co-efficient Using Ordinary and Partial Differential Transport Equations admin 2018.12.07
839 1013_Particle-size effects on soil temperature, evaporation, water use efficiency and watermelon.. admin 2018.12.07
838 1014_Experimental approaches to feed solution permeability in pressure-driven membrane separation processes admin 2018.12.07
837 1015_Application of CLUE model in Costa Rica admin 2018.12.07
836 1016_JMS_Performance limitation of the full-scale reverse osmosis process admin 2018.12.07
835 1017_The Soil and Water Assessment Tool: Historical development, Applications, and Future research directions admin 2018.12.07
834 1018_State estimation and nonlinear predictive control of autonomous hybrid system using derivative free state estimators admin 2018.12.07
833 1019_Desalination_Heat and mass transfer analysis in direct contact membrane distillation admin 2018.12.07
832 1020_Separation_Fouling model admin 2018.12.07
831 1021_Techno-economic assessment and environmental impacts of desalination technologies admin 2018.12.07
830 1022_DOM Fluorescence PARAFAC Analysis admin 2018.12.07
829 1023_Table of unit (for membrane technology field) admin 2018.12.07
828 1024_Interpretation of seasonal water quality variation in the Yeongsan Reservoir, Korea... admin 2018.12.07
827 1026_Characterization of soluble microbial products and their fouling impacts in membrane bioreactors admin 2018.12.07
826 1027_Daily review report admin 2018.12.07
825 1028_DESALINATION_Seawater reverse osmosis with isobaric energy recovery devices admin 2018.12.07
824 1031_JMS_Theoretical modeling and experimental analysis of direct contact membrane distillation admin 2018.12.07
823 1029_Modeling the relationship between land use and surface water quality admin 2018.12.07
822 1101_JMS_FO Fouling admin 2018.12.07
821 1104_Prediction of the behaviour of the Silt Density Index (SDI) in the Caribbean Seawater admin 2018.12.07
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