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660 0604_Numerical study on permeate flux enhancement by spacers in a crossflow reverse... admin 2018.12.20
659 0621_Desal._The effect of the ladder-type spacers configuration in NF spiral-wound modules on the concentration... admin 2018.12.20
658 0606_Modeling the dry-weather tidal cycling of fecal indicator bacteria in surface waters... admin 2018.12.20
657 0622_A mechanistic model of runoff-associated fecal coliform fate and transport through a coas... admin 2018.12.20
656 0620_Escherichia coli in the Environment : Implications for water quality and human health admin 2018.12.20
655 0624_JMS_Sublayer structure effects on FO processes admin 2018.12.20
654 0608_Nonpoint source pollution responses simulation for conversion cropland to forest in moun... admin 2018.12.20
653 0629_Practical aspects of PARAFAC modeling of fluorescence excitation-emission data admin 2018.12.20
652 0623_JMS_Effects of net-type spacers on heat and mass transfer in direct contact membran... admin 2018.12.20
651 0630_The effect of field conditions on low Reynolds number flow in a wetland admin 2018.12.20
650 0628_Pre-treatment of SWRO pilot plant for desalination using submerged MF membrane... admin 2018.12.20
649 0618_Power generation with pressure retarded osmosis: An experimental and theoretical... admin 2018.12.20
648 0704_Desal._Operating experience of the Dhekelia seawater desalination plant using... admin 2018.12.20
647 0705_Impact of urbanizaiton on stream habitat and fish across multiple spatial scales admin 2018.12.20
646 0701_SVM_decision making admin 2018.12.20
645 0709_A novel method for on-line evaluation of floc size in coagulation process admin 2018.12.20
644 0702_Effect of draw solution concentration and operating conditions on forward osmosis and... admin 2018.12.20
643 0703_Solving one-dimensional advection-dispersion with reaction using some finite-difference m admin 2018.12.20
642 0707_Membrane geometry and shear rate influence on colloidal fouling admin 2018.12.20
641 0712_Spectrofluorimetric determination of chlorophylls and pheopigments using paralle admin 2018.12.20
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