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1000 0407_Recent developments in Life Cycle Assessment admin 2018.11.29
999 0408_Long-term variations in dissolved trace elements in the Sagami River and its tributaries (upstream area), Japan admin 2018.11.29
998 0409_Summary about energy recovery devices for seawater desalination plants admin 2018.11.29
997 0411_Coupled 3-D hydrodynamics and mass transfer analysis of mineral scaling-induced flux decline in a laboratory plate-and-frame reverse osmosis membrane module admin 2018.11.29
996 0412_A global sensitivity analysis tool for the parameters of multi-variable catchment models admin 2018.11.29
995 0413_High recovery of concentrated RO brines using forward osmosis and membrane distillation admin 2018.11.29
994 0414_Development of a pathogen transport model for Irish catchments using SWAT admin 2018.11.29
993 0415_Process control in water desalination industry: an overview admin 2018.11.29
992 0417_Estimation of mass transfer coefficient using a combined nonlinear membrane transport and film theory model admin 2018.11.29
991 0418_Implication of environmental flows in river basin management admin 2018.11.29
990 0424_Three-dimensional modeling of biofouling and fluid dynamics in feed spacer channels of membrane devices admin 2018.11.29
989 0418_Exergy analysis of a combined RO, NF, and EDR desalination plant admin 2018.11.29
988 Modeling sediment impact on the transport of fecal bacteria admin 2018.11.29
987 0421_Particle Size Distribution in Highway Runoff admin 2018.11.29
986 0426_Robust model-based control of a tubular reverse-osmosis desalination unit admin 2018.11.29
985 0424_JMS_Chemical and physical aspects of organic fouling of forward osmosis membranes admin 2018.11.29
984 0427_Desalination_Modelling of a transmembrane evaporation module for Modelling of a transme... admin 2018.11.29
983 0428_JMS_Modified FO flux prediction model admin 2018.11.29
982 0429_Entropy_Energy, Entropy and Exergy Concepts and Their Roles in Thermal Engineering admin 2018.11.29
981 0430_Urban stream(Hydrology)_Hydrological criteria to assess changes of flow dynamic in urban impacted catchments admin 2018.11.29
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