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1. Title, Journal and Authors


Title : A simplified dynamic model for flood routing in rectanglular channels

Journal : Journal of Hydrology

Authors : M. Erol Keskin a, Necati Agiralioglu b*

a. department of Civil Engineering, S. Demirel University, Isparia, Turkey

b. department of Civil Engineering, Technical University of Istanbul, Istanbul, Turkey.

Received 9 July 1996; revised 12 May 1997; accepted 15 May 1997


2. Summary


This paper solves using Saint Venant's equation Momentum Equation in flood routing in open rectangular channel. A Simplified dynamic wave model is used through Equation of Continuity with A and Discharge Q as two parameters. The model has friction slope, bed slope, gravitational acceleration, water depth, width of channel, hydraulic radius, and Manning's friction coefficient. Deriving the equation and reduce the unnecessary term with the Order of Magnitude method, the final equation is in the form of .

To solve the derived final equation, use the Numerical Method to make a slice for time and displacement and approximate it. The dynamic model obtained by the Numeircal Method is plotted with respect to time and discharge. As the value of x increases to 2000m, the maximum value of discharge decreases.


3. Originality & Creativity

Cross-sectional area and discharge to be system's parameter is a good idea to solve the simplified dynamic model.


4. Application to research

This simplified dynamic model can prevent the flood damage or river overflow. The model let discharge as one of parameter thus we can consider the amount of water inflow which one help to guess estimate the flood.


5. Contact

Gyudae Sim (Intern program)

Environmental Systems Engineering Lab.

School of Environmental Science & Engineering

Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology

1 Oryong-dong Buk-gu Gwangju, 500-712, Korea

Phone : +82-10-8998-3164

E-mail : dk2998@gist.ac.kr

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