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839 0422_Water_conduction_through_the_hydrophobic_channel_of_a_carbon_nanotube admin 2019.01.02
838 0407_Permeance_of_H2_through_porous_graphene_from_molecular_dynamics admin 2019.01.02
837 1209_A comparative study of artificial neural networks and support vector machines for... admin 2019.01.02
836 1024_Mathematical model of flat sheet membrane modules for FO process: Plate-and ?frame... admin 2018.12.31
835 0727_Reverse osmosis and pressure retarded osmosis hybrid processed Model-based scenario... admin 2018.12.28
834 0415_Effect of draw solution concentration and operating conditions on forward osmosis... admin 2018.12.26
833 1120_Assessment and interpretation of bacterial viability by using the LIVE/DEAD bacligh... admin 2018.12.20
832 0116_A comparative study of ANN & SVM admin 2018.12.10
831 1213_Automated Base Flow Separation and Recession Analysis Techniques admin 2018.12.10
830 1128_An approach to determine the fouling index for a RO/NF admin 2018.12.07
829 20210218_Predicting lake surface water phosphorus dynamics using process-guided machine learning admin 2021.02.18
828 20210203_River Water Quality Modelling using Artificial Neural Network Technique admin 2021.02.03
827 20210201_Artificial Neural Network ensemble modeling with conjunctive data clustering for water quality prediction in rivers admin 2021.02.01
826 20200827_Development of early-warning protocol for predicting chlorophyll-a concentration using machine learning models in freshwater and estuarine reservoirs, Korea admin 2020.08.27
825 20200728_Water Quality Prediction Method Based on LSTM Neural Network admin 2020.07.28
824 20200512_Lagoon water quality monitoring based on digital image analysis and machine learning estimators admin 2020.05.12
823 20200331_Efficient Water Quality Prediction Using Supervised Machine Learning admin 2020.03.31
822 180904_A novel single-parameter approach for forecasting algal blooms admin 2019.01.03
821 20180807_High-Pressure Reverse Osmosis for Energy-Efficient Hypersaline Brine Desalination... admin 2019.01.03
820 20180806_Urbanization and climate change impacts on surface water quality: Enhancing... admin 2019.01.03
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