20160106_The development of membrane fouling in full-scale RO processes



1. Title, Journal and Authors

Title: The development of membrane fouling in full-scale RO processes

Journal: Journal of Membrane Science

Authors: Kai Loon Chen, Lianfa Song, Say Leong Ong, Wun Jern Ng

 Department of Civil Engineering, Center for Water Research, National University of Singapore, 10 Kent Ridge Crescent, Singapore 119260, Singapore


2. Summary

K.L. Chen, et al, in their journal article "The development of membrane fouling in full-scale RO processes” (2004), propose the membrane fouling prediction model in full-scale RO processes which is more reliable than previously developed model. In the predictive model, first, they employ resistance-in-series theory to estimate membrane fouling. Second, they define the fouling potential to relate fouling tendency with the feed water quality parameters. Third, they consider the change of process variables and parameters in the local area to describe RO process more realistically. Although this model describes RO process well, it needs modification because concentration polarization which also affects performance of RO process is not considered. The objective of author is to develop a predictive model of membrane fouling so as to see the influence of membrane fouling on the permeate water flux.


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4. Application to research

 I think that using process operation algorithm based on the predictive model can give an optimal operation and maintenance method.


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SeungJi Lim (Integrated Ph.D. program)

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