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899 0804_Effects of soil data resolution on SWAT model stream flow and water quality predictions... admin 2018.12.28
898 0710_Influence of backwashing, flux and temperature on microfiltration for wastewater... admin 2018.12.28
897 0315_Water permeability and water/salt selectivity tradeoff in polymers for desalination admin 2018.12.10
896 0105_ESNT_Life Cycle Assessment: Past, Present, and Future admin 2018.12.10
895 0729_Runoff characteristics of nutrients from an agricultural watershed with intensive livestock production (Journal of Hydrology, 368, (2009), 79-87) admin 2018.11.29
894 0801_Impact evaluation of a pisciculture in the Tucirui reservoir (Para, Brazil) using a two... admin 2018.12.28
893 0408_Nutrient reduction scenario and ecological risk admin 2018.12.10
892 0212_Seawater reverse osmosis powered from renewable energy sources admin 2018.12.10
891 0109_Factors influencing the efficiency of constructed wetlands used for the treatment of intensive trout farm efflent admin 2018.12.10
890 0812_Integrated Design using Dynamic Simulation of Reverse Osmosis Plants admin 2018.12.07
889 0606_water quality modeling admin 2018.11.29
888 20180928_The paradox of irrigation efficiency admin 2019.01.03
887 20180710_progress in transport theory and characterization method of Reverse Osmosis... admin 2019.01.03
885 20160106_The development of membrane fouling in full-scale RO processes admin 2019.01.02
884 2205_Identification and quantification of known polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons and pesticides... admin 2019.01.02
883 0202_Comparison of remote sensing data, model results and in situ data for total suspended... admin 2019.01.02
882 0402_Desal._Reverse osmosis, a key technology in combating water scarcity in Spain admin 2018.12.26
881 0501_Fluorescence as a potential monitoring tool for recycled water systems: a review admin 2018.12.10
880 1022_DOM Fluorescence PARAFAC Analysis admin 2018.12.07
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