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752 20180510_An artificial neural network model for rainfall forecasting in Bangkok, Thailand admin 2019.01.03
751 20180426_Numerical analysis of performance of ideal counter-current flow pressure retarded... admin 2019.01.03
750 20170802_Pressure-retarded osmosis for power generation from salinity gradients: is it... admin 2019.01.03
749 20160105_CAPMIX - Deploying Capacitors for Salt Gradient Power Extraction admin 2019.01.02
748 20150901_영상 기반 pH 산도 측정 시스템 개발 admin 2019.01.02
747 1104_Concentration of NaCl solution by membrane distillation integrated with crystallization... admin 2019.01.02
746 0704_Developing a flow control strategy to reduce nutrient load in a reclaimed multi-reservoir... admin 2019.01.02
745 0519_Molecular dynamics simulations in membrane-based water treatment admin 2019.01.02
744 0314_RO-PRO desalination: An integrated low-energy approach to seawater desalination admin 2019.01.02
743 0204_Climate change impact on streamflow, water quality, and best management practices... admin 2019.01.02
742 0120_SWAT parameterization for the identification of critical diffuse pollution source areas... admin 2019.01.02
741 20140130_Temperature and concentration polarization in membrane distillation of aqueous... admin 2019.01.02
740 1023_Standardization of fluorescence excitation-emission-matrices in aquatic milieu admin 2018.12.28
739 0418_FO treatment of drilling mud and fracturing wastewater admin 2018.12.26
738 0406_Collaborative watershed partnerships in urban and rural areas: Different pathways... admin 2018.12.26
737 0123_Simulation of forward osmosis membrane process : Effect of membrane orientation... admin 2018.12.26
736 1224_Statistical modelling of Chla for early-warning admin 2018.12.24
735 2011_01_17_Handling of first order Rayleigh scatter in PARAFAC modeling of fluorescense excitatio... admin 2018.12.10
734 1224_Desalination_Effect of flow deflector on the flux improvement in direct contact membrane distillation admin 2018.12.10
733 1222_Evaluation and characterization of seawater RO membrane fouling admin 2018.12.10
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