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752 0713_Impact of fertilizer usage on phosphorus loads to Lake Uluabat admin 2018.12.28
751 0418_FO treatment of drilling mud and fracturing wastewater admin 2018.12.26
750 0406_Collaborative watershed partnerships in urban and rural areas: Different pathways... admin 2018.12.26
749 0123_Simulation of forward osmosis membrane process : Effect of membrane orientation... admin 2018.12.26
748 1224_Statistical modelling of Chla for early-warning admin 2018.12.24
747 2011_01_17_Handling of first order Rayleigh scatter in PARAFAC modeling of fluorescense excitatio... admin 2018.12.10
746 1224_Desalination_Effect of flow deflector on the flux improvement in direct contact membrane distillation admin 2018.12.10
745 1218_Development and use of a novel method for in line characterisation of fouling layers admin 2018.12.10
744 1215_Kinetics of Permeate Flux Decline admin 2018.12.10
743 1214_JMS_Modeling and optimization of hollow fiber DCMD module for desalination admin 2018.12.10
742 1209_Modeling of pH and inorganic carbon speciation in estuaries using the composition... admin 2018.12.10
741 1207_subsurface floiw admin 2018.12.10
740 1126_Daily paper delay admin 2018.12.07
739 1128_An approach to determine the fouling index for a RO/NF admin 2018.12.07
738 1121_Seawater reverse osmosis plant using the pressure exchanger for energy recovery : a calculation model admin 2018.12.07
737 1108_Difference of scale for modeling land use change admin 2018.12.07
736 1109_Experimental studies on dynamic process of energy recovery device for RO desalin... admin 2018.12.07
735 1018_State estimation and nonlinear predictive control of autonomous hybrid system using derivative free state estimators admin 2018.12.07
734 1007_JMS_Heat and mass transfer resistance analysis of membrane distillation admin 2018.12.07
733 0923_JMS_The development of membrane fouling in full-scale RO processes admin 2018.12.07
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