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1000 20110914_EEMizer Automated modeling of fluorescence EEM data admin 2018.12.20
999 1203_MD simulation of the contact angle between water droplets and graphitic surface admin 2018.12.24
998 Salinity-gradient power: Evaluation of pressure-retarded osmosis and reverse electrodialysis... admin 2019.01.03
997 0308_Thermostat algorithms for molecular dynamics simulations admin 2018.12.26
996 20200713_Overview of systems engineering approaches for a large-scale seawater desalination plant with a reverse osmosis network admin 2020.07.13
995 20201208_New methodology of evaluation of best management practices performances for an agricultural watershed according to the climate change scenarios: A hybrid use of deterministic and decision support models admin 2020.12.08
994 20111129_Correlation and Simple Linear Regression admin 2018.12.20
993 0424_Finite element simulation of unsteady flows in secondary settling tanks admin 2018.12.26
992 0517_ ANN vs RSM admin 2018.12.20
991 1116_Estimating chlorophyll concentration in Lake Malawi from MODIS satellite imagery admin 2019.01.02
990 1209_A comparative study of artificial neural networks and support vector machines for... admin 2019.01.02
989 0523_Carbon nanotube-based membrane_Fabrication and application to desalination admin 2018.12.26
988 1129_Photodegradation of fluorescent organic matter in river waters admin 2018.12.07
987 1029_Effects of membrane fouling and scaling on boron rejection by nanofiltration admin 2018.12.20
986 20190716_Online classification of contaminants based on Multi-Classification Support Vector Machine using conventional water quality sensors admin 2019.07.16
985 0309_Sustainable water recovery from oily wastewater via forward osmosis-membrane... admin 2019.01.02
984 20180917_Thermodynamic limits of extractable energy by pressure retarded osmosis admin 2019.01.03
983 0916_JMS_Sherwood correlation of NOM transport in NF admin 2018.12.07
982 0719_Optimal design of transverse ribs in tubes for thermal performance enhancement admin 2018.11.29
981 1119_Predicting impacts of increased CO2 and climate change on the water cycle and water... admin 2019.01.02
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