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868 1022_Water Research_Energy minimization strategies and renewable energy utilization admin 2018.12.20
867 1025_DS selection and optimal system design for FO admin 2018.12.20
866 1003 Spatial variations of storm runoff pollution and their correlation with land-use... admin 2018.12.20
865 1026_Pre-treatment of SWRO pilot plant for desalination using submerged MF membrane proc admin 2018.12.20
864 111028_Hydrological modelling using raingauge- and radar-based estimators admin 2018.12.20
863 1029_Effects of membrane fouling and scaling on boron rejection by nanofiltration admin 2018.12.20
862 20111030_Measurement and source identification of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons admin 2018.12.20
861 1027_Biological phosphorus removal in sequencing batch reactor with single-stage oxic proce... admin 2018.12.20
860 1018 Simulation of the impacts of land-use change on surface runoff on Lai Nullah Basin admin 2018.12.20
859 1020_Power from salinity gradients admin 2018.12.20
858 1101_Computer Simulation of Molecular Dynamics_Methodology, Applications, and Perspecti... admin 2018.12.20
857 1031_Designing CNTs for Efficient Water Desalination admin 2018.12.20
856 1102 Combined impact of climate and land use changes on streamflow and water qualit... admin 2018.12.20
855 1104_Reverse electrodialysis: Comparison of six commercial membrane pairs on the ther... admin 2018.12.20
854 1106_DWT_Numerical simulation on a dynamic mixing process in ducts of a rotary pressu admin 2018.12.20
853 1109_FO-emerging applications for sustainability admin 2018.12.20
852 1110_Desalination_How green solar desalination really is? admin 2018.12.20
851 1111_Domestic Wastewater Treatment as a Net Energy Producer-Can This be Achieved? admin 2018.12.20
850 1113_Reversible and irreversible low-pressure membrane foulants in drinking water treatme admin 2018.12.20
849 20111114_Source apportionment of particulate matter at urban mixed site in Indonesia admin 2018.12.20
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