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892 0726_weather radar for hydrology admin 2018.12.20
891 0723_JMS_CFD simulation in FO admin 2018.12.20
890 0729_State-of-the-art of membrane bioreactors: Worldwide research and commercial... admin 2018.12.20
889 0731 Long-term changes in water physicochemistry in the Adour-Garonne hydrographic... admin 2018.12.20
888 0725_Contribution of combined sewer overflows to trace contaminant loads urban streams... admin 2018.12.20
887 0801_Development, calibration and evaluation of two mathematical model for pollutant admin 2018.12.20
886 0803_Internal concentration polarization in forward osmosis: role of membrane orientatio... admin 2018.12.20
885 0802_Indirect environmental effects of dikes admin 2018.12.20
884 0806_ Predicting the effects of land use on runoff and sediment yield in selected sub-wat admin 2018.12.20
883 0810_Phosphorus removal by acid mine drainage sludge from secondary effluents of... admin 2018.12.20
882 110811_Model Evaluation in Watershed Simulations admin 2018.12.20
881 0807_JMS_Characterization of membrane distillation modules and analysis of mass flux admin 2018.12.20
880 0812_A comparison of vertical scanning interferometry (VSI) and atomic force microscopy... admin 2018.12.20
879 0804_Fate and transport modeling of potential pathogens: The contribution from sedim... admin 2018.12.20
878 0815_A computer simulation of ion exchange membrane electrodialysis for concentration admin 2018.12.20
877 0819_Production of energy from concentrated brines by pressure retarded osmosis admin 2018.12.20
876 0821_DWT_Split partial second pass design for SWRO plants admin 2018.12.20
875 0820_Effect of environmental flow management on river water quality: A case study admin 2018.12.20
874 0823_ind.Eng.Che.Res_Application of Response Surface Methodology and Experimental admin 2018.12.20
873 0828_The development of membrane fouling in full-scale RO processes admin 2018.12.20
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