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Title: Characterisation of membrane surfaces: direct measurement of biological adhesion using an atomic force microscope

Journal:Journal of Membrane Science

Authors:W. Richard Bowen, Nidal Hilal, Robert W. Lovitt and Chris. J. Wright

Biochemical Engineering Group, Centre for Complex Fluids Processing, Department of Chemical and Biological Process Engineering, University of Wales Swansea, Singleton Park Swansea, SA2 8PP UK

The original and creativity of paper:The paper revealed that an atomic force microscopy (AFM) couple with coated colloid probe and cell probe techniques can quantify the adhesion of biological materials to membrane surfaces effectively.

The ES 404 membrane, which is made from polyethersulphone, and the XP117 membrane, which is predominantly polyethersulphone were used for adhesion force measurement. This paper presented the development of sensors to evaluate adhesion force between membrane surface and biological material which can be applied to assess potential of biofouling. Therefore, coated colloid probe and cell probe were developed. 
The results showed that these probes can quantify the adhesive force on membrane surface as well as provide a relative fast procedure to evaluate biofouling potential.  Based on the published results, it can be developed methods for assessing in detail the viability of single immobilised cells as well as relating such an assessment to the feasibility of populations of cells as they occur in practical processes. 
The methodology mentioned in this paper can be applied as an option to quantify adhesion force of biological on fouled membrane from seawater reverse osmosis process.
By Monruedee Moonkhum
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