20170721_Combined models of membrane fouling : Development and application to microfiltration...

1. Title, Journal and Authors
Title: Combined models of membrane fouling : Development and application to microfiltration and ultrafiltration of biological fluids
Journal: Journal of Membrane Science
Authors: Glen Bolten *, Dan LaCasse, Ralf Kuriyel,
 Millipore Corporation, 32 Wiggins L2B, Bedford, MA 0173, USA

2. Summary
Glen Bolten, et al, in this journal article studies about combined models of membrane fouling especially for MF & UF. The five models combined effects of different individual fouling mechanisms : Complete blocking, Intermediate blocking, Standard blocking, and Cake filtration. Unlike the existing models, this model used only two fitted parameters and is able to reduce the individual models when one mechanism dominated. The combined caking and complete blockagemodel to data for the sterile filtration of IgG and the viral filtration of BSA showed good fits of both data sets. 

3. Originality & Creativity
 Unlike the existing standard for model's accuracy such as N-S coeffecient, RMSE, square of R, and MAE, the best fit was determined by the value of sum of squared residuals(SSR) that the residual was equal to the difference between a data point and the model prediction. Also, the model used only two parameters that makes control easily.

4. Application to research
 Since the reliability of this model is based on the data from biological fluid, this model can apply for the raw water which consist many living organisms. 

5. Contact
Woohee Nam (Undergrduate)
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School of Environmental Science & Engineering
Gwangju Institute of Science and Technology
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