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23 1023_Membrane Modeling for Simulation and Control of Reverse Osmosis in Desalination Plants admin 2018.12.07
22 0727_SWMM application to Karst Aquifer admin 2018.11.29
21 0726_Desalination_Exergy analysis admin 2018.11.29
20 0724_JMS_Temperature and concentration polarization in membrane distillation of aqueous salt solutions admin 2018.11.29
19 0725_Desalination_Inorganic fouling of pressure driven membrane admin 2018.11.29
18 0723_Optimal time-dependent operation of seawater reverse osmosis admin 2018.11.29
17 0715_RSER_review of renewable energy technologies integrated with desalination systems admin 2018.11.29
16 0711_Accuracy and precision of the volume?concentration method for urban stormwater modeling admin 2018.11.29
15 0707_An integrated constructed wetland to treat contaminants and nutrients from dairy farmyard dirty water (Ecological Engineering, 24, (2005), 221-234) admin 2018.11.29
14 0705_Specific sources of Urban Runoff admin 2018.11.29
13 0702_desalination_water treatment in a membrane-assisted crystallizer(MAC) admin 2018.11.29
12 0629_Double-Skinned Forward Osmosis Membranes for Reducing Internal Concentration Polarization within the Porous Sublayer (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 49 (2010), p.4824?4831 admin 2018.11.29
11 0621_desalination_Microporous polypropylene and polyethylene hollow fiber membranes. Part 3. Experimental studies on membrane distillation for desalination admin 2018.11.29
10 0614_The role of foulant?foulant electrostatic interaction on limiting flux admin 2018.11.29
9 0607_JMS_Membrane fouling and process performance of forward osmosis admin 2018.11.29
8 0604_Uncertainties in stormwater E. coli levels admin 2018.11.29
7 0602_A preliminary model for predicting heavy metal contaminant loading from an urban catchment, The Science of Total Environment, 266, 2001, 299-307 admin 2018.11.29
6 0603_Effect of solution chemistry on organic fouling admin 2018.11.29
5 0530_JMS_FO fouling reversibility and cleaning admin 2018.11.29
4 0528-Sources and growth dynamics of fecal indicator bacteria in a coastal wetland system and potential impacts to adjacent waters admin 2018.11.29