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95 0725_Desalination_Inorganic fouling of pressure driven membrane admin 2018.11.29
94 0723_Optimal time-dependent operation of seawater reverse osmosis admin 2018.11.29
93 0720_Water quality auto-calibration and uncertainty_박용은 admin 2018.11.29
92 0719_Optimal design of transverse ribs in tubes for thermal performance enhancement admin 2018.11.29
91 0717_ANN models based on QSAR for predicting rejection of neutral organic compounds admin 2018.11.29
90 0716_Urban Stormwater Modeling admin 2018.11.29
89 0715_RSER_review of renewable energy technologies integrated with desalination systems admin 2018.11.29
88 0714_Ind. Eng. Chem._NMP DS solution in FO admin 2018.11.29
87 0713_desalination_Seawater desalination by direct contact membrane distillation admin 2018.11.29
86 0711_Accuracy and precision of the volume?concentration method for urban stormwater modeling admin 2018.11.29
85 0712_Experimental studies on dynamic process of energy recovery device for RO desalination plants admin 2018.11.29
84 0710_I&ECR_Highly Water-Soluble Magnetic Nanoparticles as Novel Draw Solutes in Forward Osmosis for Water Reuse (Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 49 (2010), p.5869-5876 admin 2018.11.29
83 0708_The nucleation kinetic aspects of gypsum nanofiltration membrane scaling admin 2018.11.29
82 0709_Parameter calibaration by GA-NMS admin 2018.11.29
81 0707_An integrated constructed wetland to treat contaminants and nutrients from dairy farmyard dirty water (Ecological Engineering, 24, (2005), 221-234) admin 2018.11.29
80 0706_Fouling behavior and foulant characteristics of RO membrane admin 2018.11.29
79 0705_Specific sources of Urban Runoff admin 2018.11.29
78 0703_JMS_FO hollow fiber membranes admin 2018.11.29
77 0702_desalination_water treatment in a membrane-assisted crystallizer(MAC) admin 2018.11.29
76 0701_SWRO process simulator admin 2018.11.29