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107 0810_JMS_Optimum design of reverse osmosis seawater desalination system considering membrane cleaning and replacing admin 2018.12.07
106 0808_Shape optimization of a micromixer with staggered-herringbone grooves admin 2018.12.07
105 0806_Neural network approach for modeling the performance of reverse osmosis membrane desalting admin 2018.12.07
104 0804_Water_Network_System_LCA&LCC admin 2018.12.07
103 0803_JMS_Reverse Draw Solute Permeation in FO admin 2018.12.07
102 0802_JMS_Study of membrane distillation using channel spacers admin 2018.12.07
101 0730_Reverse Draw Solute Permeation in Forward Osmosis: Modeling and Experiments admin 2018.11.29
100 0729_Runoff characteristics of nutrients from an agricultural watershed with intensive livestock production (Journal of Hydrology, 368, (2009), 79-87) admin 2018.11.29
99 0728_ANN simulation of humic substance and membrane filtration admin 2018.11.29
98 0727_SWMM application to Karst Aquifer admin 2018.11.29
97 0726_Desalination_Exergy analysis admin 2018.11.29
96 0724_JMS_Temperature and concentration polarization in membrane distillation of aqueous salt solutions admin 2018.11.29
95 0725_Desalination_Inorganic fouling of pressure driven membrane admin 2018.11.29
94 0723_Optimal time-dependent operation of seawater reverse osmosis admin 2018.11.29
93 0720_Water quality auto-calibration and uncertainty_박용은 admin 2018.11.29
92 0719_Optimal design of transverse ribs in tubes for thermal performance enhancement admin 2018.11.29
91 0717_ANN models based on QSAR for predicting rejection of neutral organic compounds admin 2018.11.29
90 0716_Urban Stormwater Modeling admin 2018.11.29
89 0715_RSER_review of renewable energy technologies integrated with desalination systems admin 2018.11.29
88 0714_Ind. Eng. Chem._NMP DS solution in FO admin 2018.11.29