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928 0730_Reverse Draw Solute Permeation in Forward Osmosis: Modeling and Experiments admin 2018.11.29
927 20160120_Colloidal interactions and fouling of NF and RO membranes A review admin 2019.01.02
926 806_Water desalination by a designed nanofilter of graphene-charged carbon nanotube admin 2019.01.02
925 0301_Desal._Numerical and experimental study of mass transfer in lysozyme ultrafiltration admin 2018.12.10
924 0826_The life cycle costing (LCC) approach admin 2018.12.07
923 20190208_Neural networks for prediction of ultrafiltration transmembrane pressure – application admin 2019.02.28
922 20180720_Predicting cyanobacterial abundance, microcystin, and geosmin in a eutrophic... admin 2019.01.03
921 20131112 Modeling of colloidal fouling in forward osmosis membrane effects of reverse... admin 2019.01.02
920 0927_N and P limitation of primary producers admin 2018.12.28
919 20190114_Energy recovery by pressure retarded osmosis (PRO) in SWRO-PRO integrated processes admin 2019.02.28
918 0922_Mechanism_of_Molecular_Permeation_through_Nanoporous_Graphene_Membranes... admin 2019.01.02
917 1001_Determination of the optimal parameters in regression models for the prediction of admin 2019.01.02
916 0402_Structure of water confined inside carbon nanotubes and water models admin 2018.12.24
915 1129_Photodegradation of fluorescent organic matter in river waters admin 2018.12.07
914 0921_Coupled effects of internal concentration polarization and fouling on flux behavior of forward osmosis membranes during humic acid filtration admin 2018.12.07
913 0623_Desalination_Technico-economic study_이윤석 admin 2018.11.29
912 0407_Recent developments in Life Cycle Assessment admin 2018.11.29
911 20190716_Economic analysis on environmentally sound brine disposal with RO and RO-hybrid processes Kiyong 2019.07.16
910 20190106_Application of hybrid systems techniques for cleaning and replacement of a RO membrane admin 2019.02.28
909 20190108_Osmosis is not driven by water dilution admin 2019.02.28
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