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1. Title, Journal and Authors

Title: Modelling of osmotic energy from natural salt gradients due to pressure retarded osmosis: Effects of detrimental factors and flow schemes

Journal: Journal of Membrane Science

Authors: Wei He,  Yang Wang, Mohammad Hasan Shaheed*

a. School of Engineering and Materials Science, Queen Mary University of London, London E1 4NS, United Kingdom


2. Summary 

The current paper has various lessons as follows; 
First, an approximated version of water flux model can be occasionally a good alternative to the original one. 

Due to its complexity and non-linearity, the calculation of the water flux models has required intricate numerical analysis procedures.

However, it was demonstrated, in the range of low-salinity, that the water flux model approximated by the Taylor expansion also shows a good performance.

Second, the effects of co-current and counter-current flows on a PRO process were analyzed.

The differences which are made between the co-current and counter-current flows were concretely analyzed by setting boundary conditions.

Third, the difference between the co-current and counter-current flows is not huge rather than our stereotypes.

Even though the performance discrepancy between the counter-current and co-current configurations are well-recognized to researchers, we just opaquely guess the difference those two configurations. In this paper, the authors rediscovered that the distinction of performances between the co-current and counter-current configurations is not that huge.


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