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1.Title, Journal and Authors

Title: A review of reverse osmosis membrane materials for Desalination-Development to date and future potential

Journal: Journal of Membrane Science

Authors: Kah Peng Lee, Tom C. Arnot, Davide Mattia∗

Department of Chemical Engineering, University of Bath, Claverton Down, Bath BA2 7AY, UK 



RO process efficiency depends on membrane performance. Generally, the salt permeability and the water permeability are inversely proportional. This is because in SWRO process, the membrane determines the selectivity only by the size of the hole. However, there are many things to consider besides permeability. It must have durability to withstand high pressure and resistance to membrane fouling. Even with the same SWRO process, different membranes should be used depending on the water intake, production yield and water quality. Predicting which membranes would be suitable, however, is difficult to predict due to asymmetric and various microscopic variables. Therefore, this paper analyzes and summarized the relationship between salt rejection and water permeability for each membrane measured in the laboratory condition.


3. Application to research

It is very important to make a reasonable scenario in the seawater desalination process through the scenario study. One of the most important is membrane performance. Through this paper, we can analyze which membranes will be most effective in the future scenario.


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