(Congrats!!) Invitation from Arizona - MinKyu Park

From Prof. Shane Snyder



 Congratulations, you are the recipient of this year’s Dean fellowship from the College of Engineering.  These are highly competitive!   I have asked for these in the past two years with no luck at all.  

 Our department chair told me I could inform you of this decision now. 

 So, again, a well-deserved congratulations!




From the College of Engineering


Good news, Glenn Schrader has confirmed that one of the students we have nominated (Minkyu Park)
has been awarded a CoE fellowship ($30K for one year + tuition/registration)

2년간 공대학장 장학금을 받고, 이후는 Prof. Shane Snyder에게서 동일한 비용의 Research Assistantship (RA)를

졸업 전까지 받기로 했다.


민규오빠 축하드려요 : )

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